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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2011 2:31pm-3:01pm EDT

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the book. i'm going why peter oborne chief political commentator for the daily telegraph and he just published a pamphlet entitled guilty men a term used to describe those trying to drag britain into the euro zone peter thanks for speaking to r.t. now this turned guilty men use a term used to describe in one hundred forty s. those who appease the nazis are you seriously comparing brussels and the eurozone to hitler's third reich that's not the comparison i'm making what that brilliant pamphlet short book my written by michael foot and what they were analyzing was afraid of policy in the one nine hundred thirty s. that's what it was about the policy of appeasement which led to the this moment here now what we have what we're trying to do in this part of that is to unless another failure of policy which is the attempt by the british governing elite to
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push britain into the your and. we base exceeded in that period we would now be in the same situation as greece absolutely destitute was certainly the italy and spain were at the utterly dependent on the whim of the international markets and the benevolence of the i.m.f. and of the european union so who are these men and why are they guilty we guilty man i'm delighted to name them i think it's important that we do name them they range from tony blair the british prime minister time his close ally peter mandelson the close friend of pascoe another russian oligarchs ken clarke michael heseltine the conservative. politicians nick clegg the deputy prime minister and danny alexander the show she was actually the treasurer many of them retain unbelievably very powerful positions in the british ruling elite
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a decade ago euro skeptics were hounded out of plan society labeled xenophobes racists fascists. what was the effect on these people's lines it's very interesting just examine the sheer ruthlessness of the pro euro movement at this time they were planning to hound out of jobs the people who were euro skeptics recently who was the policy director of the institute of directors a key. business organization and took it she took an anti euro largely she ended up losing her job and the. stories were spread that she was mad dislocated and they were tough they were ruthless the it was a kind of bid for part of the top of the british establishment and the ideology of that was was was you the european union and the euro captured the new labor party at the time it captured the lib dems at the time british foreign office was
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a major manifestation of that stuff which is a disgraceful the treasury of course did hold and gordon brown not publicly but behind the scenes did work to block block the your other the trying to especially the you can dependants party they were dismissed completely for their opposition to the euro zone but now what's happening is this given the elevated status ukip is really gain from this they were systematically ignored by the b.b.c. and the other establishment organs of public opinion in the service entry and in fact is if they didn't exist in fact they were did absolutely represent a large body of british public opinion but they were sort of science. and. i think the measures brilliantly for. this study done very interesting science it will go into i think on discovery people who are now in you were the people who were
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exposing the b.b.c. lies and fabrications at the time for instance you mention the b.b.c. there but you also point to the thing. the financial times to their editorial support the u.s. and in what ways will a biased. b.b.c. in the financial times and indeed the c.b.i. the institutions i looked at the same applies to the foreign office but let's just look at the b.b.c. and the financial times they had a at the top of these organizations there was a corporate view that it was in british interests not just to be part of the european union but actually to go ahead and join the europe they understood it was a political project they weren't really interested in the economics you would expect the b.b.c. maybe to understand economics you would hope that the financial times understood economics and they didn't and they know the economic arguments and they abandon rigorous impartial journalism is a major part of the contract between the b.b.c.
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and the british public that they should be honest impartial they just were they frame the debate always in a sense that made the european argument the anti euro arguments in particular look mad to ranged and sometimes even racist and they made the pro europe argument that the mainstream and sensible was the effect it's had on public perception of the issue given the b.b.c.'s status as a major broadcaster well i think for a long time it was impossible to get the anti euro argument out very well because of the distortions created by the b.b.c. and so it made it made it a very one sided debate at the highest level at the end of the day it's quite reassuring to say of course the good sense of the british people you know the average bloke wasn't taken in by this high level attempt to sabotage the great wrestling world freshening actually that we didn't go in it wasn't
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because it was the only there we go in because the average voter we. was it also a case. there being a lot of institutionalized yes men in british politics industry and media it was a mark of respectability that you were in favor of the european union in its in its broadest sense showed that you were a civilized person. and of course these characteristics is one of the most amusing aspects of this research is how well they will do since even though they've been completely screwed they've been shown to be utterly wrong in what way thought you know chris patten is now the chairman of the b.b.c. trust. clegg ridiculous figure in this argument completely catastrophic when throughout his i was deputy prime minister danny alexander who was the chief propagandist for the pro europe movement is now the
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chief secretary to the treasury and so forth they've done unbelievably well for themselves what would you say is the most sinister aspect of brussels rise to power . it's in many ways the your opinion is such a fast competent organization that it's quite hard to take it seriously if it can't get its accounts. can't. it's sort of fantastically retain ian it's sort of the way it conducts itself on the other hand there is a ruthlessness to it and if you have a any sense of humanity or a sense of compassion what is happening with the euro now which is the imposition of a very dogmatic monetary policy on a host of diverse nations is horrific i mean the destruction of the greek economy greek businesses the creation of mass and unemployment in greece.
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is really horrendous and it comes from the dogma that you have to have a single currency and a single monetary policy and i think economic policy across a very diverse continent germany's just deepened exposure to euro's and losses even further and it seems like there's no turning back to they really think this is making economic sense here or is it more political face saving if you read the english mountain climbing guide mountain rescue it says turn back if conditions turn against you and applies to cross all sorts of things for intervention school generally iraqi venture you that piece of advice might well be useful but afghanistan but it also applies i think to the euro zone i mean the euro zone was an experiment be your skeptics advised against it. but they've gone on ahead but it is not creating financial chaos it's creating the potential of
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a great financial cataclysm and it's also just wiping out industries cross europe as an extraordinary pace a terrifying pace they are they are fanatic they're fanatics. you know the power that many ways to cause the communists in the one nine hundred thirty one you know the. everything has to fit into that very narrow. precise scheme i was thing is you know you have you can't who was it you said you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs that was the ice sheet of the bolshevik elites in the first twenty's and thirty's this is now the attitude of the european elite it at the time of the twenty first century greece is being destroyed people are losing their jobs their actual economic basis of the country has gone but that is a worthwhile sacrifice as we move towards a unified europe was found in this fanaticism and. if the u.k.
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had joined the euro as and what would have happened would have been another greece i can tell you what would have happened if you had joined it would have been even worse because we we had a boob like many way it would be bigger in the first we've had a smallish interest rates would have been less than they would otherwise would have been the first half of. the first decade of the twenty first century and then they would have been higher than we want to go after that so we've had a bigger boot and we've had a bigger bust we have we wouldn't have been able to pay our debts on the international markets we'd not be we now be controlled by the i.m.f. or taking orders from the e.c.b. . and and by the from brussels we would have lost the ability to control our economy we have lost the ability to project us internationally it would have been a complete and total economic and political disaster if we had joined the euro ten
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years ago. thank you thank you very much. wealthy british style. sometimes. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on.
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street today at. least intensified your chance to choose instead to get the status of the human experiment . with. business rap music or was it just goes to movies allegedly trying to make sense of global economy and it's all came to us financial temples the research scrambling to maintain a confidence in markets and. wants to be easing trade imbalances recession look keep the nations close to collapsing in some foreclosed homes people. to fail aaa banks again feel like thing is us crashing timonen smashed the ceiling is like putting it in a closet in athens three the i.m.f. constructs me i'm just programs increasing the total economy.
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stories tonight nato gets six marching orders from the u.n. to leave libya an end to struct of air strikes but leaving the country's new leaders struggling to deal with a population that's armed with. arrests and new yorkers and wall street protesters
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encountered rough police resistance as campaign is it showed solidarity with oakland activists who fell victim to an earlier crack. europe's leaders declare they finally got a debt solution plowing yet more money into greece and telling banks to wipe off awful what they're owed by the collapsing country. while at the epicenter of the crisis is back to basics as cash strapped greeks revert to buttering for goods and reach the starving realisation that maybe things aren't quite as bad as they feel. this is r.t. . oh and welcome to school today great to have you with us. what a way to get as one of the over those big tree. the put her through the championship semifinals. breaking away champions you need straight leaves.
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dropping a ball going in the russian premier league. freeze solid rory mcilroy songs into the. invitation of tournament in shanghai. tennis and it is one of the overs hoping to join at the victoria azarenka in the semifinals of the season finale in istanbul turkey a wall that number six is up against poland. for an all group championships and the russian has got off to a great songs to per cent six one with a minimum of fuss. in the second. she's already fruit for a comprehensive win. dana carling does not screen for his second successive win office now since hopes of progressing now i am a balance read through the cold with leads and that's when.
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the more. first player to reach the account stage for the russian making short work of lino sweeping aside the french open champion in straight sets to make it two wins from two so far in the competition. so it is a bit as both the extent of their leading to five points of the top of the russian premier league offer an easy read to nothing when that old mission ogre of me didn't have to wait long to get the news of them from. really just two minutes to see of the to. i was on the part of doubled their lead seventeen minutes before the half time break. and uncle was a bitch but result beyond any doubt in the second half he scored a penalty sports are proud of all this misery. meanwhile of friday's serious car moscow will try to narrow the gap on the need to two points as a welcome louis sponsor acknowledged now even they haven't lost in over a month a striker. is in the form of his wife scoring six goals in his last five league
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games swelling is more than bagging of four so far in the champions league in just three matches however his men will have one eye on wednesday straight to try this one spore in turkey all three points put the allman in with a green chance of qualifying for the latter stages. of being or involved in europa league action next week with a side from top to stand taking on top them before violence could one be years men entertain of on friday because one side have been in good form recently when the last three games were all stops form has been primed chilled season by locking inside our five winfrey. over in england to city have reached the quarterfinals of the college with a five two demolition of wolverhampton wanderers after a six one fraction of munchkin ited city have not scored fifteen times in three away games in striking it in jericho storing twice the premier league leaders also
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into the last days of chelsea who beat everton two one after a time when they also needed extra time to get past newcastle for free to school their luis what is called twice in the bible was a victory over stove they were good goals to kenwyne jones had put stoke ahead just before half time on clearance for the keeper surely been dealt with by little girls the friendless bastard coach but he was robbed of all motors flow to the ball into the field of jones on the warner. lot long off to resolve liverpool level. what a goal it was suarez. for not making ryan shotton. a beautiful shot there at the bottom right hand corner. what is then got the winner with six minutes to go this time local going route one swallows was that a mob it into the back of the net to send liverpool column up the finals.
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in the meantime russian billionaire roman abramovich has been dealt a major blow in his bid to move chelsea to their new stadium or the club wanted to buy back the freehold of stamford bridge and then probably sell it to raise funds for a bigger more modern arena of the current shareholders group owned by the fans voted otherwise it means the blues will have to stay put the only venue that has been for one hundred six years with a capacity have just over forty thousand stamford bridge is only the eighth floor just stadium in the english premier league. plan for a sixty five thousand seater stadium to help reduce the club's profits. going to possible now and the euro cup champions are looking for their first win in the conference time competition as a russian club travelled to fellow rookies got in istanbul what exactly is going to rebound. the feet. of the tolerance i want to flush it last week gallas answer i gave him a rich vein of form both domestically and internationally edged out
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a programme in poland. in the competition last week. while in wednesday's serious car star signing. the army went to an easy victory against the german outfit bomb book wonderful to seventy four the score in moscow a result which puts the russian club level on points for the top of group b. or to my game for us a strong course of. says ca moscow had been final four regulars in the euro league for eight years until the last season poor performance prompted a roster revamp and their arrival of a new head coach johnson has loused us forward and a good end goal has become the army man's most notable signing after he joined his former club from the n.b.a.'s jazz gee to the ongoing law counts in the american league nicknamed a k forty seven it's of him almost no old sime to find his rhythm been named the euro league's most valuable player of the season's opening week when
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he posted a score of thirty seven on his performance index racing in the first group stage match against gays of lithuania get it and go also concede to dominate on the court in this the second euro league match after his court's well points against brawls that they could out for rebounds and six assists in the process however they entire says gutsy were on fire with caroline goes teammates showing they could play too well he sets out most of the third and fourth quarters but i think movement controlling the game in there you know we have twelve guys who can play really nice basketball so different on the game i think coach wants to everybody to you know feel the game playing and get some minutes i think it's the right decision you know everybody's been feeling they be involved in a way and. says god led by twenty points almost throughout the entire match as the visiting german champions were held a day playing
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a key role was the helm side's point guard. would join says call from falling down costs this year euro leastways he'd send most valuable player proved that he's scoring passing and leadership skills are still sharp and his perfect fit for a team that's a real contender for triumph in this european campaign which along with a game first. and we show for we supposed to play all seasonal to signify we are. but i believe we believe we we have a lot to improve. we continue working likely it will continue we will go. so it's two out of two for cisco moskos so four in the year only group stage in first place along with title defenders on a night calls from greece the army men will hope to continue their impressive your league march next week when they'll play zagreb it see which is yet to win a match last year was the first guy they hate here is one says kumble still failed
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to reach the cup in the euro the finals since then it's stocked up on stardom and multi they should start the likes of they can call it got us cars and it's hope that they could be acquired missionary along with the force brought there will help the team return to the european summits. also a larger scope. of the world deserve when to say the reigning champions polyphonic us hold on to the group b. lead agree confit travel to croatia to play local champions on cup winners zagreb hosts euro league debutantes but the golfing clause was evident from the hosts hardly pose a threat because american forward sean mcgregor remains did not show up a game high twenty three points with his heroics were dwarfed by the visitors to. the greens never looked back. turned into one point six two two victory. on the gulf known rory mcilroy has made an impressive starts in his bid for the
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sport's biggest winners chank the us open champion seizing on one stroke lead on to your opening round of a mega rich shanghai mosque is but over norrish when hit anybodies five on the back knowing steve have anybodies to called an eight on the paul sixty four in china the twenty two year old has said since he's happy with how solid his play was fair enough mcelroy will be hard to catch. however the american hunter man is breathing down his neck on one had seven birdies just a whisker away from posting his eighth on the last of the shots of the day. but belonged to science careers why iyanla for his ego or paul for four and a hole in the shanghai masters is not sanctioned by any top does not offer any ranking points for the thirty strong invitational tournament still boasts a superstar field including ten major champions
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a record two million dollar prize for the winner might have something to do with. the tour de france winner kate evans and world champion mark cavendish will have to wait to get their hands on the cyclist of the year award the two losing out to classic specialist phillipe zubair from belgium the twenty nine year old picking up the prestigious event of the all bronze in monte carlo the first time but one day race specialist won eighteen times in two thousand and eleven and that was enough for the poses to go the belgian while straight is evident in second in the brit cavendish wanting the podium lined up her job is to see switzerland's far beyond. the on the prize in two thousand and ten. but without surveyed space station two r.t. whether it's coming up next and kevin will be here with all the news headlines.
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in some parties available in. europe grand hotel emerald. full of the clubs full time hotel in the big gold. twenty two. on. this is our team tonight marching orders from the u.n. to leave libya and destructive strikes but leaving the country's new leaders struggling to deal with a population that's. a pyrrhic victory for the eurozone as leaders agreed to
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get more financial fuel into the bailout machine buying some much needed time in a buffer against a greek collapse. meanwhile in greece. ideas of the driving the fight against poverty people turn their back to. the rest of new york wall street protesters in kind of police resistance during a show of solidarity with hope an activist who fell victim to the earlier crackdown . watching r.t. international with me kevin owen in our top story no more war planes or air strikes in libya the u.n. security council is unanimously voted to lift the no fly zone next monday but libya's leaders new.


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